sleepy hollow wedding photographer 61

When one of our absolute favorite couples is getting married, then you know it’s going to be an absolutely awesome wedding day.  From cutting up with Jacob throughout the day to getting to spend time with Anna and her amazing family, this wedding was a fun one.  You have to know a little back story on this couple.  Jacob and Anna were the VERY first people that walked up to our photo booth and wedding festival table at the January… Read more »

hyatt greenville engagement session 4

Even when it rains, the large windows at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Greenville, SC allow lots of light to come in so that even when it’s nasty outside, I can still get some amazing and loving shots inside too!  Brian & Margaret were so much fun and I am so happy to be able to share their downtown Greenville engagement session on the blog!  Can’t wait for their wedding next April.  It will be here before they know it!… Read more »

View Point At Buckhorn Creek Wedding

We have so many amazing brides getting married the last few weeks and we have to say, Tori is one of the greatest!  Tori and Preston are an amazing couple and a strong and loving couple too!  Preston proposed to Tori while on a private horse ride.  Their tour guide stopped by the lake to take some photos of them with the horses as part of their package.  When he asked if they wanted to take any more photos, Tori… Read more »


It truly is a great day when we get to not only do what we love, but get to work with some great people too!  Nick and Melinda are so much fun and are such a perfect couple.  We love this #sjcouple so much and so happy to be able to share their wedding day photos!  From bumping into them at Greenville Drive baseball games to watching Bring It On during Melinda’s bridal prep (yes that actually happened) they are… Read more »

Amber BTS-1

Between wedding shows, direct inquires, and Facebook, we see a lot of requests for wedding photographers.  Some are looking for quality, others are looking for price, and some are looking for both. As a wedding photographer, I try my best to always educate a bride when it comes to choosing her wedding photographer, even if she doesn’t choose me.  Below is a list of some of the things that I tell all brides they should do when considering a photographer… Read more »


Wow what a fun night with the Photo Booth.  This mother-son dance was full of happy moms with their sons all dressed up in their Sunday best.  There was a little slow dancing, but mostly it was boys being boys :).  The moms got some great photo booth strips for their frig to remember the night and the boys got some silly photos too! #photobooth #schooldance Click here to see the entire night’s photo booth pics!


Part 2 of my post about video … If you missed my first post about wedding video and why it is important make sure to give it a read : So to understand why I feel the way I do about wedding videos you need to go deeper into my past and learn a little bit more about me.  So some people are music people, yeah I don’t dance :).  I’m a movie guy.  I quote movies every day,… Read more »

Oleva Custom Wedding DVD

You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a wedding video?”.  So don’t think you are the first, and no I am not offended if you ask me because I will tell you the same thing every single time.  You hired a photographer to capture your smiles, your dress, your family…but what about your vows, the sound of the crowd cheering for you during your first kiss, the way your first song sounded as you danced for the very… Read more »


With Halloween taking up our Friday we have a busy week ahead. Not only the scary and spooky stuff, but a Trash the dress session tonight, meetings during the week, and lots to edit and publish.  Going to be a crazy week but lots of beautiful things to come from it!