There just aren’t even words for how great this engagement session at Hampton Road Farms in Greenville, SC went. It helps when the light is perfect and the couple is this cute and this much in love that the cuddles and cute looks just come natural!  The red barn and the yummy greenery all over this venue made it the perfect location and can’t wait to go back to shoot there again soon!

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Engagement-11 Engagement-23 Engagement-31 Engagement-35 Engagement-39 Engagement-45 Engagement-51 Engagement-67 Engagement-77 Engagement-89 Engagement-91 Engagement-99 Engagement-111 Engagement-117 Engagement-121 Engagement-125 Engagement-141 Engagement-163 Engagement-167 Engagement-175 Engagement-183 Engagement-191 Engagement-197 Engagement-223 Engagement-245 Engagement-247 Engagement-251 Engagement-253 Engagement-265 Engagement-269 Engagement-281 Engagement-289 Engagement-291 Engagement-295 Engagement-303 Engagement-307 Engagement-309 Engagement-313 Engagement-329 Engagement-335 Engagement-337 Engagement-339 Engagement-341 Engagement-343 Engagement-361 Engagement-365 Hampton Road Farms Engagement Session Engagement-375 Engagement-379 Engagement-387 Engagement-389 Engagement-395 Engagement-401 Engagement-403 Engagement-407 Engagement-409 Engagement-413doo


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