You might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a wedding video?”.  So don’t think you are the first, and no I am not offended if you ask me because I will tell you the same thing every single time.  You hired a photographer to capture your smiles, your dress, your family…but what about your vows, the sound of the crowd cheering for you during your first kiss, the way your first song sounded as you danced for the very first time as a married couple.  What about the speeches and toasts made at your reception?  What about the emotion and feeling that only seeing a video can give you?  When the song builds up and your heart beats faster and you find yourself with goosebumps, and it’s not even your wedding you are watching….THAT is why you need a wedding video.

That is why I love what I do.  Not only because I get to meet some of the greatest couples in the area and, to be honest, get to attend some pretty awesome weddings.  But the real reason I love what I do, is I cry when I watch other people get married.  I am not the one getting married, and before I was contracted to shoot their wedding, I didn’t know them, but I cry every single time.  I cry during the wedding, I cry during the editing process, and I get goosebumps watching it over and over again, right as the music peaks before a kiss! Now think about it, if I make myself cry, just image how you are going to feel.  Just imagine the emotion sweeping over you as you see your first kiss as husband and wife and feel the energy of husband and wife take you over.

If you ever want an honest answer as to why you need a wedding video, that’s about as honest as it gets.  Your photos are important, but don’t forget your wedding video too!

Oleva Custom Wedding DVD

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