“Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world, she took the midnight train goin’ anywhere. Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, he took the midnight train goin’ anywhere.” We all know the song by Journey, but Abbigail and Jeff actually lived it! But it wasn’t a train, it was a plane!

Back in November 2013, Abbigail was traveling back to her hometown of Windsor, NC after visiting a friend in Greenville and Jeff, who grew up in Detroit, was traveling to Memphis for training for a new job. Jeff has said he saw Abbigail walking through the airport and told a friend, “There’s my wife!” As fate would have it, upon boarding the plane, that girl Jeff saw walking across the airport ended up in the seat next to him. Jeff told stories of his world travels while Abbigail nervously flicked the plane window during the short flight. After landing, Abbigail shook Jeff’s hand and said it was nice to meet him, but Jeff wasn’t stopping there. He immediately asked for her phone number, which they exchanged. Before she could board her next flight, she’d already received a text from Jeff and the conversation never stopped.

After just over a year together, Abbigail traveled to the airport in Greenville, NC on Christmas day to pick up Jeff to spend the holiday together. As they were walking out of the airport, while playing “You are the Best thing,” Jeff dropped to one knee and asked, “Will you?” to which of course, Abbigail said YES!

Jeff and Abbigail’s wedding day was a step back in time. From the beautiful string quartet to the classic details, you would have thought you were back in 1920 for an elegant ballroom reception. The Westin Poinsett in Greenville, SC made for the perfect back drop for their beautiful wedding. Enjoy a peek into their stunning day.

To see more of their beautiful wedding, head here.

And a special thanks to all of the amazing vendors that helped pull this magical day off:

Photographer: Southern Jewel Photography

Venue: Westin Poinsett

Event Planner and Day of Coordinators: B&R Events

Ceremony Officiant: Rev. Micheal Mooney

Caterer: Westin Poinsett

Cake: Couture Cakes

Musicians: Classic Touch

Florist: Flowers by the Lake

Hair and Makeup Artist: Cotton Rouge and Company, artist Katie Cotton

Brides Dress: Dimitra Designs

Tuxedo Rental Shop: Men’s Wearhouse

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AJ WedSM-15

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AJ WedSM-17

AJ WedSM-18

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AJ WedSM-26

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AJ WedSM-30

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AJ WedSM-32

AJ WedSM-33

AJ WedSM-34

AJ WedSM-35

AJ WedSM-36

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AJ WedSM-38

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AJ WedSM-42

AJ WedSM-43

AJ WedSM-44

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AJ WedSM-46

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AJ WedSM-48

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AJ WedSM-50

AJ WedSM-51

AJ WedSM-52

AJ WedSM-53

AJ WedSM-54

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AJ WedSM-56

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AJ WedSM-59

AJ WedSM-60

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AJ WedSM-68

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AJ WedSM-70

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AJ WedSM-72

AJ WedSM-73

AJ WedSM-74

AJ WedSM-75

AJ WedSM-76

AJ WedSM-77

AJ WedSM-78

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