Wedding day’s are always filled with traditions and sentimental items.  And Jeremy and Jessica’s wedding day wasn’t lacking!  Jessica wore her mother’s beautiful wedding dress and her mother-in-law’s gorgeous lace wedding veil.  Jessica’s attire definitely set the tone for their beautiful wedding.  From the bridemaid’s beautiful pale pink dresses to the simple decor, this wedding was a classic!

It wasn’t love at first sight for these two though.  Jeremy moved down to the Upstate after graduating from University of Kentucky knowing no one.  A friend placed him in contact with two people they knew could help Jeremy make new friends in his new town.  At one of the first events that Jeremy attended with his new friends, a Clemson football game, was the first time he met Jessica, who enjoyed making fun of his shoes more than getting to know him.  That wasn’t the only time they ran into each other, but it took a few months before they were again at another mutual party that Jessica made the decision to come inside from sitting by the fire to sit next to Jeremy watching his beloved UK Basketball team.  They sat for hours talking and it only took a week before Jeremy finally asked Jessica on their first date.

After a year and a half of dating, seeing his love for Christ and respect for family, Jessica knew Jeremy was husband material.  And Jeremy felt the same!  He took Jessica out for dinner one night and came back to her home where he had lights a table set up with photos of the two of them.  Jessica’s nephew came out wearing a shirt that said “Will you marry uncle Jeremy?” and handed Jessica a fake ring.  When she turned around to talk to Jeremy, there he was, on one knee with the real ring!  She of course, said YES!

Jeremy and Jessica’s wedding day at Occasions at Wedgefield was filled with laughter, love, and loads of dancing!  Enjoy these happy images from there amazing day!  Also check out their beautiful downtown Greenville engagement session too!

And thanks to these amazing vendors:

Photographer: Southern Jewel Photography

Ceremony Venue: Calvary Baptist Church, Liberty, SC

Reception Venue: Occasions at Wedgefield, Central, SC

Ceremony Officiant: Dr. Larry Wilson

Caterer: Occasions at Wedgefield

Cake Baker: Ellison’s Cakes

Musicians/DJ: Party Professionals, Patrick

Videographer: Horizen Media

Florist: Tiger Lily

JJ WedSM-1

JJ WedSM-2

JJ WedSM-3

JJ WedSM-4

JJ WedSM-5

JJ WedSM-6

JJ WedSM-7

JJ WedSM-8

JJ WedSM-9

JJ WedSM-10

JJ WedSM-11

JJ WedSM-12

JJ WedSM-13

JJ WedSM-14

JJ WedSM-15

JJ WedSM-16

JJ WedSM-17

JJ WedSM-18

JJ WedSM-19

JJ WedSM-20

JJ WedSM-21

JJ WedSM-22

JJ WedSM-23

JJ WedSM-24

JJ WedSM-25

JJ WedSM-26

JJ WedSM-27

JJ WedSM-28

JJ WedSM-29

JJ WedSM-30

JJ WedSM-31

JJ WedSM-32

JJ WedSM-33

JJ WedSM-34

JJ WedSM-35

JJ WedSM-36

JJ WedSM-37

JJ WedSM-38

JJ WedSM-39

JJ WedSM-40

JJ WedSM-41

JJ WedSM-42

JJ WedSM-43

JJ WedSM-44

JJ WedSM-45

JJ WedSM-46

JJ WedSM-47

JJ WedSM-48

JJ WedSM-49

JJ WedSM-50

JJ WedSM-51

JJ WedSM-52

JJ WedSM-53

JJ WedSM-54

JJ WedSM-55

JJ WedSM-56

JJ WedSM-57

JJ WedSM-58

JJ WedSM-59

JJ WedSM-60

JJ WedSM-61

JJ WedSM-62

JJ WedSM-63

JJ WedSM-64

JJ WedSM-65

JJ WedSM-66

JJ WedSM-67

JJ WedSM-68

JJ WedSM-69

JJ WedSM-70

JJ WedSM-71

JJ WedSM-72

JJ WedSM-73

JJ WedSM-74

JJ WedSM-75

JJ WedSM-76

JJ WedSM-77

JJ WedSM-78

JJ WedSM-79

JJ WedSM-80

JJ WedSM-81

JJ WedSM-82

JJ WedSM-83

JJ WedSM-84

JJ WedSM-85

JJ WedSM-86

JJ WedSM-87

JJ WedSM-88

JJ WedSM-89

JJ WedSM-90

JJ WedSM-91

JJ WedSM-92

JJ WedSM-93

JJ WedSM-94

JJ WedSM-95

JJ WedSM-96

JJ WedSM-97

JJ WedSM-98

JJ WedSM-99

JJ WedSM-100

JJ WedSM-101

JJ WedSM-102

JJ WedSM-103

JJ WedSM-104

JJ WedSM-105

JJ WedSM-106

JJ WedSM-107

JJ WedSM-108

JJ WedSM-109

JJ WedSM-110

JJ WedSM-111

JJ WedSM-112

JJ WedSM-113

JJ WedSM-114

JJ WedSM-115

JJ WedSM-116

JJ WedSM-117

JJ WedSM-118

JJ WedSM-119

JJ WedSM-120

JJ WedSM-121

JJ WedSM-122

JJ WedSM-123

JJ WedSM-124

JJ WedSM-125

To see more of Jeremy and Jessica’s wedding, check out their full gallery here!


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