Wedding days are always so very special, but a wedding on Mother’s Day? Even more so! Not only are you celebrating the love of two people coming together as one, but you also get to celebrate the mother’s who helped to make them the people that they are. And Justin and Jordan did just that!

It was an amazing day, not too hot and beautifully sunny, at the Beach House Resort in Hilton Head Island. We met Jordan in her bridal suite to take detail photos and get her ready followed by group bridal photos in front of palm trees, of course! The guys made it easy too. They were so much fun while taking the groomsmen shots that I could barely stop laughing long enough to shoot! After formal photos were done, the guys enjoyed some fun and creative time with Charlie recreating a scene from The Hangover to use in their wedding video. We knew early in the day that we were going to have so much fun with this group!

Justin and Jordan met in High School when a friend at a football game introduced them to each other.   From that moment, they were inseparable.   After 5 years together, while on a trip to beautiful Charleston, SC, Justin took Jordan to the one spot that he knew she loved, the pineapple fountain in Waterfront Park. It was there that he dropped to his knee and proposed. Without hesitation, Jordan said YES!

The wedding day was full of so much love and fun. Justin and Jordan, once the ceremony was over, couldn’t get enough of each other and their love and affection for each other was so obvious. We were so blessed to be able to work with this amazing couple and hope you enjoy this peek into their wedding day.

If you’d like to see more of their Beach House Resort in Hilton Head Island wedding, head here!

A huge thanks to these amazing vendors for helping pull off this amazing day!

Photography: Southern Jewel Photography

Ceremony Officiant: Adina Estes

Caterer: The Beach House Resort

Cake: Sweet Carolina Cupcakes

DJ: Donna Patrick

Videographer: Charlie Jones, Southern Jewel Photography

Florist: Adina At Frilly Bloomers Adina Estes

Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Shalon Blackwell

Bridal Dress Designer: Anjolique Bridal

JJ WedSM-1

JJ WedSM-2

JJ WedSM-3

JJ WedSM-4

JJ WedSM-5

JJ WedSM-6

JJ WedSM-7

JJ WedSM-8

JJ WedSM-9

JJ WedSM-10

JJ WedSM-11

JJ WedSM-12

JJ WedSM-13

JJ WedSM-14

JJ WedSM-15

JJ WedSM-16

JJ WedSM-17

JJ WedSM-18

JJ WedSM-19

JJ WedSM-20

JJ WedSM-21

JJ WedSM-22

JJ WedSM-23

JJ WedSM-24

JJ WedSM-25

JJ WedSM-26

JJ WedSM-27

JJ WedSM-28

JJ WedSM-29

JJ WedSM-30

JJ WedSM-31

JJ WedSM-32

JJ WedSM-33

JJ WedSM-34

JJ WedSM-35

JJ WedSM-36

JJ WedSM-37

JJ WedSM-38

JJ WedSM-39

JJ WedSM-40

JJ WedSM-41

JJ WedSM-42

JJ WedSM-43

JJ WedSM-44

JJ WedSM-45

JJ WedSM-46

JJ WedSM-47

JJ WedSM-48

JJ WedSM-49

JJ WedSM-50

JJ WedSM-51

JJ WedSM-52

JJ WedSM-53

JJ WedSM-54

JJ WedSM-55

JJ WedSM-56

JJ WedSM-57

JJ WedSM-58

JJ WedSM-59

JJ WedSM-60

JJ WedSM-61

JJ WedSM-62

JJ WedSM-63

JJ WedSM-64

JJ WedSM-65

JJ WedSM-66

JJ WedSM-67

JJ WedSM-68

JJ WedSM-69

JJ WedSM-70

JJ WedSM-71

JJ WedSM-72

JJ WedSM-73

JJ WedSM-74

JJ WedSM-75

JJ WedSM-76

JJ WedSM-77

JJ WedSM-78

JJ WedSM-79

JJ WedSM-80

JJ WedSM-81

JJ WedSM-82

JJ WedSM-83

JJ WedSM-84

JJ WedSM-85

JJ WedSM-86

JJ WedSM-87

JJ WedSM-88

JJ WedSM-89

JJ WedSM-90

JJ WedSM-91

JJ WedSM-92

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