Bridal portrait days are so much fun when you have such beautiful brides!  I can without a doubt say that I have definitely been blessed with so many beautiful on the inside and out brides.  Anna is definitely one of them!

It was a perfect day when Anna traveled up from the small town of Ware Shoals, SC to the beautiful Rock Quarry Garden in Downtown Greenville, SC for her bridal portrait.  Her dress, well I knew that day it was a killer and would knock Stephen dead on their wedding day, and I was right!  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a groom so knocked over by how beautiful his bride was.  As he spun around her getting a look at every single detail that Anna had meticulously planned, all he could say was “Wow!”, “Beautiful!”, and “Babe!”.  It really was the sweetest reaction!

The gardens were a perfect fit for this beautiful bride for her bridal portrait!  From the beautiful water fall to the stone bridge and lush gardens, it made for a perfect backdrop for a perfect bride.  Enjoy a sneak peek into her beautiful bridal portrait shots below and if you’d like to see more, head over here!

Anna BPSM-1

Anna BPSM-2

Anna BPSM-3

Anna BPSM-4

Anna BPSM-5

Anna BPSM-6

Anna BPSM-7

Anna BPSM-8

Anna BPSM-9

Anna BPSM-10

Anna BPSM-11

Anna BPSM-12

Anna BPSM-13

Anna BPSM-14

Anna BPSM-15

Anna BPSM-16

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