It truly is a great day when we get to not only do what we love, but get to work with some great people too!  Nick and Melinda are so much fun and are such a perfect couple.  We love this #sjcouple so much and so happy to be able to share their wedding day photos!  From bumping into them at Greenville Drive baseball games to watching Bring It On during Melinda’s bridal prep (yes that actually happened) they are… Read more »

baseball enagement session

It’s not every day that I get to shoot portraits for my friends and I love it every time.  And in not too long, I will be shooting their wedding too and she will be an official #sjbride and a member of our Southern Jewel family too :).  I’m so excited I can barely stand it!  And you know any time Charlie sees a baseball theme in a portrait session, that he’s gonna be sharing these portraits everywhere he can! … Read more »

Restoration Church Wedding Couples Portraits

With both Brian and Katy coming from large families, I knew this wedding was going to be a fun party!  The couple met while working at Zaxby’s over 5 years ago when she was bringing dirty dishes to the new guy to clean.  Little did she know, that the new guy would be her future husband.  Looking down at the pile of dishes, she muttered “don’t hate me”….and now years later, I’m pretty sure she knows he doesn’t hate her… Read more »

Baby Announcement Portrait Session

It’s not every day that some of my closest friends get pregnant…and then contact me to shoot their announcement….and incorporate ballooning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I couldn’t RUN to this portrait session fast enough!  It was a great day for this session and the sun was shining so they setup the balloon basket and announced the newest ballooning Palmetto Paws crew member coming soon! So happy to be a part of this awesome baby announcement!  I know I will be shooting some maternity and… Read more »

Couples Wedding Day Portraits

A girl from the south meets a guy from Ireland…now those are two completely different accents!  Stephen came to America to play soccer when he was 18 and little did he know that he would meet the love of his life, Anna.  Stephen popped the question when they were in Ireland on Christmas Day!  How much more magical can you get! Their wedding took place at Ware Shoals United Methodist Church in Ware Shoals, SC and their reception was at… Read more »