It truly is a great day when we get to not only do what we love, but get to work with some great people too!  Nick and Melinda are so much fun and are such a perfect couple.  We love this #sjcouple so much and so happy to be able to share their wedding day photos!  From bumping into them at Greenville Drive baseball games to watching Bring It On during Melinda’s bridal prep (yes that actually happened) they are… Read more »

AJ WedSM-83

“Just a small town girl, livin’ in a lonely world, she took the midnight train goin’ anywhere. Just a city boy, born and raised in South Detroit, he took the midnight train goin’ anywhere.” We all know the song by Journey, but Abbigail and Jeff actually lived it! But it wasn’t a train, it was a plane! Back in November 2013, Abbigail was traveling back to her hometown of Windsor, NC after visiting a friend in Greenville and Jeff, who… Read more »

JJ WedSM-59

Wedding day’s are always filled with traditions and sentimental items.  And Jeremy and Jessica’s wedding day wasn’t lacking!  Jessica wore her mother’s beautiful wedding dress and her mother-in-law’s gorgeous lace wedding veil.  Jessica’s attire definitely set the tone for their beautiful wedding.  From the bridemaid’s beautiful pale pink dresses to the simple decor, this wedding was a classic! It wasn’t love at first sight for these two though.  Jeremy moved down to the Upstate after graduating from University of Kentucky… Read more »


Wedding days are always a little sad for me.  It’s usually the last day that I have with a lot of my couples and brides.  We’ve spent the better part of a year communicating and getting to know one another and by wedding day we’ve become great friends. I don’t even know where to begin with this couple.  They are simply that amazing!  Mary found me last summer through a former bride and immediately contacted me to meet.  When she… Read more »


Bridal portraits are so much fun!  But they can also be stressful for a bride.  It’s the first time she is putting her entire wedding day look together and sometimes, things are how they bride normally would have them.  Abbigail though, pulled them all together stunningly!  She was a beautiful bride! Now that she and Jeff are husband and wife, I’m super excited to share her beautiful bridal portraits with you!  It was a rainy afternoon when we got together… Read more »

JB WedSM-59

This amazing DIY wedding will leave you in awe and wanting to hire Breana and her family to plan your wedding! From the flowers and décor put together by the bride, the amazing low country boil cooked by family, to the cake the bride made HER SELF, no detail was overlooked and it was absolutely fabulous! Meeting through online resources is quickly gaining popularity. I’m meeting more and more couples who have met through an online dating service, including myself… Read more »

Phelps SM-65

Maghan and Jarrod’s wedding week started off a little stressful with the threat of rain all day, but come wedding day we all woke up to a beautiful sunny morning! The clouds hung over most of the day, but the rain stayed away and made for an amazing day! From Maghan’s beautiful peplum wedding gown to the monogrammed bouquets and monogrammed veil, this wedding just oozed with Southern elegance. The Duncan Estate in Maghan and Jarrod’s hometown of Spartanburg, SC… Read more »

ON Wedding SP-27

One thousand one hundred and forty-two. That’s how many day’s Oleva waited to marry Nathan. But the wedding was well worth the wait for this amazing couple. Oleva, a college soccer player turned teacher, and Nathan, a profession golfer, met while at USC Upstate in Spartanburg, SC. Oleva didn’t make it easy on Nathan at first when he offered to buy her a drink and she ran with it, but he pursued her and won her over! He has continued… Read more »

Camacho Wedding-47

They say opposites attract, and this couldn’t be more true for Alma and Jorge.  They met as opposing council in Manhattan, NY, he the prosecutor and she the defense, in court almost 3 years ago, but it wasn’t until seeing each other at a tutoring facility helping children who’s parents did not speak English that they truly got to know one another.  As the friendship developed, so did the feelings. After a year and a half together, Jorge took Alma… Read more »