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If you missed my first post about wedding video and why it is important make sure to give it a read :

So to understand why I feel the way I do about wedding videos you need to go deeper into my past and learn a little bit more about me.  So some people are music people, yeah I don’t dance :).  I’m a movie guy.  I quote movies every day, pretty much constantly.  I rewatch movies over and over again, both good and bad movies.  There are very few movies that I have not seen, and no I am not just talking the movies released in the last 20-30 years.

Over 10 years ago, I worked a movie rental store, good ole’ Movie Gallery.  I started off there as an hourly nights and weekends employee, and ended up managing half a dozen of the stores before they shut down all of their stores around here and later closed up shop.  One of the perks of working there, yes, free movie rentals.  It was nothing for me to watch 2-3 movies a day, sometimes more.  Even today, I have watched more than my share of movies :).  I pretty much always have a movie on in the background while I am working, sometimes even for inspiration.  I have my favorites, and I will save that for another post, but for the most part I believe every movie is worth watching once just as every story should be heard at least once.

And thus, my point today.  My background in movie passion has taught me one thing, not everyone likes what I like.  I have a broad taste in movies and like things other people hate and hate things other people love.  But, I will watch anything once.  I feel that wedding videos are that way for many people.  Sure, if it is your wedding, or your son/daughter, grandchildren, or best friend you might watch it a few times.  But for the most part wedding videos are something that is enjoyed just by the direct family.  I want my couples to love their video, but I want it to be so much more than that.  I want their videos to be cinematic and pull complete strangers into the wedding as if they were sitting in the room feeling the love and passion between the couple.  Sometimes you only get to watch something once, and other times, for the really good stuff, you can’t watch it enough.


— Charlie


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